Aughhh.  I feel like such a lazy bum.

I was supposed to get a lot of homework done today.  Like prepare for my bio test Wednesday, which I’m probably gonna fail now.  Or my math quiz on Thursday.  Or study the damn spelling for all those Aztec words for the history quiz Thursday too.  Or read my English novel.  Or read my history textbook.  Or chem textbook.  Or how about reading bio articles and doing genetics problems?  Hm???


Eiya, I really screwed up.  All I did was “do” a note card for an article and finish (the majority of, not even *all* of it!) my note card for chapter 17.  All those stupid diagrams to draw… grrr.

Must.  Not.  Procrastinate.  ><  It’s so hard to relax on four-day weekends… all I’m thinking about is getting a “good start” to the new quarter by studying my ass off for all the upcoming assessments!  I have trouble living in the moment, seriously.  And I know I screwed up the chem test last Thursday (that’s what happens when I trudge day-by-day through tests, studying for one after I take another…), so that’s not a very “good start.”

I need to extenuate this pressure to be “perfect.”  I know I won’t be able to get all of those 100%’s this quarter, but I’ll still feel immensely disappointed in myself… because it seems like everyone “expects” that of me, and thus, I expect it out of myself.  Like… just… stop, please?

Damn, I feel like a bum… no… a bumpkin. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds kind of funny.  Yes, it rhymes with pumpkin.  Which brings me to my next topic, because in the hours of wasted time, I roasted the relative of the pumpkin…

… its fellow winter squash, red kuri!

DSCN3096Eat me now.

Delicious-looking, no?  At least, it’s that way for my strange tastes.  Yes, that is butter on the squash.  Yes, that is sunflower seed butter, too (HEAVEN IN A JAR!).  And yes, I put sesame seeds on everything.  I’m a sesame crack addict… so sue me.

(That’s Back to Nature chocolate delight granola in the squash, along with raisins, peanuts, sea salt, and roasted kabocha squash seeds buried beneath it.  And a barbequed chicken wing on the side.  Squash fries in the corner.  Mmmm.)

DSCN3098Sunflower seed butter for dipping, yo.

Verdict on this squash?  Not as good as the esteemed kabocha, for which there is plenty of reason for adoration of.  But it was still pretty tasty, though I much preferred the fries over the squash in… squash form.  I think the only squash I can actually eat like that is kabocha because of its starchy deliciousness.  ;)  I wasn’t even sure how to properly roast this baby, it was so small.  It was about 30 minutes at 350*, squash butt up.  I probably should’ve given the butt an extra 10 minutes or so, but it’s alright… happy belly.


I will follow your lead, red kuri, and get my butt off this chair after I do some work.