Everyone has some sort of outlet when angered, right?  Fight with your parents?  Scream into a pillow.  Fight with your boyfriend?  Also scream into a pillow.  Or cry, perhaps to a friend on the phone.  Stressed?  Go for a walk to relax and recollect yourself.  Squeeze a stress ball.  Or to settle all of the circumstances mentioned, simply punch a wall.  But not too hard, lest you, unlike me, have super-strong arms and will make a hole in the wall (which is not unheard of, actually).

About the post title?  Strange child?  That would be me, because when I’m upset, I study. Now, let me sequester myself in the corner of shame for my nerdiness, because who the hell freaking studies when they’re upset?!  Schoolwork makes normal people more stressed!  D:  Sorrow = academic success?   WTF?!  -__-;

My only defense is the fact that when I’m happy, I want to spend my time frolicking in the wilderness and going shopping (especially GROCERY shopping!) and hanging out with my friends.  I’m so happy, the last thing I want to do is plant my ass into a chair and read my biology textbook.  Or chemistry textbook.  Or history textbook.  Or do math problems while jamming (read: singing) to Asian pop and rhythmically pushing the buttons on my TI-84… oooooh, how very strange indeed.

New favorite snack: egg + goat cheese + sea salt + toasted sesame seeds + salmon furikake.  All microwaved in a cute cup-shaped bowl for 40 seconds… with still-runny yolk, embedded salt crystals, and gooey, tangy, mozzarella-stringy goat cheese.  <3  *drool*  Must remember to take a pic next time.