There’s a girl who walks past my house every morning.

Regardless of what type of inclement weather hits us up on the hills, she walks.  I see her at 6 AM on a weekday morning, just walking and walking and walking.

I saw her today.

I like to think that I don’t judge people.  But this sort of behavior just hits me in the face—it’s impossible for me to overlook this as “normal.”  I see her walking, and I feel like I can practically read her thoughts:

I have to walk everyday.

If I don’t walk everyday, I will get fat.

If I don’t walk enough everyday, I will get fat.

Damn the weather.  How the hell am I supposed to walk?

She walks anyway.

Am I jumping to conclusions?  Am I being blinded by my disheveled, disordered eating-repaired mindset?  It’s very possible.  But I can’t shake the memory of those terrible voices every time I see her, hammering insults at me.  If she really is in the same rut, then I can’t sympathize enough with her.  But that alone isn’t enough.

Please don’t feel like you have to do this.  Please stop torturing yourself.  Please focus your attention elsewhere.  Please . . .

I wish I could warn her about the trap she’s fallen in.  I wish I could pull her out of that trap.  But I can’t…

lost and walking
through a snowy wood
blinded by white torrents
deafening voices
blank skies
not a crack of light
seeing no one
hearing no one
helplessly wandering
through a snowy wood