From one of the most addicting songs ever… “Come Back to Me” by Utada :]

Babies have been rampant across blogland lately, no?

Thanks, Katie.  Thanks to you, blogland has now become babyland.  o__o  How scary!  I find babies cute and all, but once they start crying, I am out! I would be such an irresponsible parent.  And you must now forget that I even mentioned that last word.  (No worries; I won’t be making any nerdy fertilization jokes.)

Food babies are annoying too… but THESE babies are hothothot~

That’s where my baby is.  <3


I didn’t use a specific “baby” recipe to make these, because I’m too lazy to look up the recipe splendidly spontaneous.  I also don’t have specific measurements for the ingredients because I’m way too lazy to measure everything out.

cherry almond babies
makes a hunk of… stuff

* ~10 Medjool dates
* 2 large handfuls roasted, salted almonds (if using unsalted, add salt to taste)
* 3 large handfuls dried cherries

Since I have a weak, crappy blender, I decided to use my head and blend the almonds into a powder first.  Then, I pitted the dates and tore them into fourths.  Threw them into the pile of almond dust along with the dried cherries, and blended into submission.  The key flavor component here was the almonds, to be honest.  They were from Costco—coated with a thin layer of sea salt and possessing a sinfully deep, toasted flavor.  Amazing.

The big hunk of poop “dough” that’s produced once everything is whirled together is soooo much fun to play with!  It’s like actually edible play-doh (no, I was a good kid and did not eat that stuff!)!  My sister and I had a little too much fun shaping it though… :P  Pictured above is my heart, some kisses, dice, and a snowman that had its head cut out of the pic.  :c

I judge the success of these babies based not on my tastes, but my sister’s.  She hates almonds and the “weird” food that I eat, which includes Larabars and Pure Bars, so I wasn’t sure how these would go over with her.  But she loves them, I think, more than I do!  :]  Again, thank you, Katie!!!  I’ll never have to dish out $1.xx for a Larabar again!  ;)

On another note…

My presentation went quite well.  :D  Thank you all for supporting me! I just thought about all of your sweet comments before presenting and all of my worries dissipated.  I was super prepared . . .

. . . ^_^; Alright, so that’s not exactly what happened.  Actually, the worst possible scenario occurred.  o_o  I ended up trapped in my worst nightmare—apparently, I was supposed to present more than I had practiced!  I was forced to do truly last-minute preparations and memorize more slides on our powerpoint right before the presentations began!  That also meant that my stomach was growling like mad during class.  :( 

But, I was surprisingly calm during the presentation!  We were the last group to go, which always makes me nervous, because I end up sitting around, twiddling my thumbs, going over my points over and over and barely paying attention to what the other groups are talking about.  ><  Do you prefer to go first or last for speeches/presentations? I just like to go first and get it over with!

… Annnnd our group got the highest grade in the class.  ;)  Score! Grades > food in bringing joy into my nerdy heart.  :P  (Just too bad that I think I failed my test on Monday.  Hehhh…)

I just took a nice, hot shower to offset the crazy cold I had to wait in this afternoon.  My mom also tried to make me drink ginger soup to “push” the coldness out of my body, but I’m a little wary of that (taste-wise, I mean).  o_o  Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely, lovely evening!