I wish, I wish, with all my heart…

I wish I could have top-tier grades.  I wish my school was refulgent… or at the very least, not smelly and old?  I wish I was charismatic and had amazing public speaking skills.  I wish I had super-socializing skills and could break the ice without looking like an idiot. I wish I could have this camera for Christmas.  I wish I were bolder and more sympathetic.  Wishy wishy wishy.  ‘Tis the season for wish lists, no?

But I’ve realized that being wishful is being wasteful—of all the things, all the potential that I already possess.  I can wish for an innumerable amount of things… but will I ever get them?  No.  Not unless I get off my lazy ass and make my dreams fo realz!  I can’t make all of them come true, of course, because I ain’t no Santa Claus.  C’est la vie. But what does that matter, anyway?  Sure, I’m not the best public speaker in the world.  My team sports skills and hand and foot-eye coordination are basically zero.  I quit piano a year ago, I’m not an officer of any clubs, etc.  I could go on and on about my flaws.  In all honesty, I’m deathly afraid that these flaws will prevent me from going further in life.  But the one thing I can do is to stride forward and learn from those around me who don’t have the same flaws I do.

I definitely wish that I was a better person.  Who doesn’t?  I want to improve myself—and stupid me, that’s what going through life is all about!  The daily lessons learned, the losses, the hardships—everything moves me one step closer to the “other” me—the person I can be with my full potential. I know I’ll never be able to reach my full potential, because there’s always room for improvement… but I want to get as close as possible.  Which, obviously, cannot be done simply by idling around, wishing the gap between me and my full potential-self away.  I’m going to actively work to close that gap.  Thank you for teaching me that logic, Dante.  :]

Ahh… but the most exciting part of my day was that one of my wishes DID come true.  I will be getting that camera for Christmas.  ^__^

Another toast-with-toppings snack—yes, those are butternut squash seeds and crushed PB puffins on there.  ;)

Onto my running-on-3-hours-of-sleep day… excuse the delusional-ness, and the fact that I couldn’t rack my brain for a real word to substitute for that

Hehehe, we got animal-shaped gingerbread cookies in bio today :]  I was going to eat my squirrel and crocodile cookies… until I saw that they had HAIRS in them!  O__O  Eeeeeeek. No hairy cookies for me, thank you very much…

Gurgh.  My teacher is so nice, but she’s utterly clueless—clueless as in, some of my classmates can explain things better than she can.  Oh well—it’s not like we actually learn in class anyway.  We just take quizzes and tests and “discuss” articles, maybe throw in a lab every two weeks or so.  Outside of school though, it’s purely reading.  Reading and reading and reading.  And writing lab reports, oh fun oh joy!~ -_-

*ahem* There’s no cookie pic, of course… my classmates already think I’m a freak genius (which is completely untrue, at least the latter part) and an overachiever.  Why push myself further into freakville?  P:

Oh, and I basically froze my ass off today.  Freaking 18*F!  Yes, that is cold by my standards, oh people of Canada… Subzero temperatures without precipitation are just bothersome.  :c

Dinner was at Whole Foods today.  I missed that place!  I might show my haul later, but one thing I must mention is that I finally found the Spooky S’mores Zbar!!!!  Holy freaking moly I was EXCITED.  I literally squealed when I saw the box, bahaha!  It’s FAR from Halloween (can you believe it?!), but I’m just happy I get to try this much-raved about flavor!  :]  Made me a happppy child, fo sho.

No pics of dinner, unfortunately—I forgot my camera :c  I had a delicious curried pumpkin soup with a big hunk of cornbread though :D  I LOVE me some cornbread, and I haven’t had it in forever!  The soup was a tad bland though—I had to add two of those teeny salt packets.  Shhhh…

Oh, and I’ll send cyberbabies to anyone who can guess what the first line of this post references.  ;)

I’ll end this post with another semi-tribute to the wonderful Katie: a deconstructed banana hammock!

Yeah, so instead of eating two banana slices sandwiched together with various goodies in between, I prefer to slice mine up and top them with the goods.  This particular hammock-wannabe was topped with dried cherries, black sesame seeds, sea salt, and Back to Nature cherry vanilla granola.  It gave me a mouthgasm, and that was no wannabe.  ;)

Heyyy babe.

Alright, I’ll be off now.  I hope you guys have an amazing weekend—sorry for slacking off on blogging/posting again!  School has been ku-razy.  And it’ll only get crazier until winter break begins… :/  So please forgive me!!

What do you wish, but don’t actively strive for?