Get ready for a photo-heavy, sparsely-worded post…

With Christmas presents just two days away, I try to remind myself about of the less fancy schmancy joys in life.  As Katie pointed out, the simple, thoughtful gifts are the most precious ones.  I appreciate a jar of homemade cookie mix tied with a pretty ribbon much more than a carelessly purchased box of fancy chocolates.  Sunlight glittering on snow is entrancing, as are the wonderful blue-green hues of early morning.  The view from a rooftop in the midst of winter darkness—


Indescribable.  Now, why can’t I be so easily pleased when it comes to myself?  -_-

Well anyway, today, I immersed myself in simple pleasures.  :D

I love me some dried fruit, especially when I’ve dried my own (the banana and bartlett pear slices).  Just stick ‘em in the oven for more than a couple hours @ 175*F, and voila, the notion never to buy dried fruit again comes up.  :]  Why buy flattened bananas when I can make my own?

Though I’m absolutely in love with TJ’s dried calimyrna figs.  So chewy and meaty and crunchy from the seeds… love fleshy dried fruits.  This one has a nice coating of creamy almond butter.

Q1: What are your simple pleasures?
Q2: What’s your favorite dried fruit? Persimmons and figs are mine, definitely.  <3
Q3: Less words and more eye candy?  Or vice-versa?

G: What are the implications of the word “X-Naut”? I’m thinking tissues, personally.  (Get it?  You get it??)

Oh, and punny things are another one of my simple pleasures.  :o)  Have a wonderful holiday, my dear blogpeeps, if you celebrate it.  If not, have a wonderful December 24th + 25th!  :]