I don’t know what to do anymore.

My attention is 95% diverted towards school 100% of the time, and yet, I still find myself sleeping at 2:30 AM and walking into school like a zombie at 7:50.  I lug around a backpack that I have to carefully place on the floor, strap over my shoulders while sitting down, and then work my thigh muscles standing up in order to lift it.  When I try to get a head start on homework to avoid 2:30 AM naptimes, the words on the page blur and enter my brain as a jumble of jibberish about how ____ the Great did x and y and killed lots of people.  After that waste of time, I push through the crowds with the green monster on my back, taking long strides that will carry me to the heaven-for-sleep that is my warm bus.  For 1 and a half hours, I zone out to mah tunes and fill the deep well of disappointment in my conscience.

Bit by bit, I am shutting down.  I know my limits, and I’ve chosen time and time again to flat-out ignore them.  My body can’t survive on 2 and a half hours of sleep each weekday and Sunday evening Monday morning.  Hell, can anyone’s body?  How do these kids do it? 

Obviously, I’m not superhuman.  So, I resolve to sleep at 12 AM tonight, like a (more) normal person.  Thus, I shall crank up the history studying and will hopefully finish that up before I start reading cruel jibberish again. 

~ full love from the half-alive c a n d i c e


Yes.  Yes they did.  The county proclaimed both Tuesday AND Wednesday snow days.

My immediate reaction?  “HALLELUJAH!”… not.  Actually, it was pretty much like the title.  Oops.

Why did I curse two more days off from school?
1) That’s one more day cutting into spring or summer vacation.  Would I prefer staying in during winter on a snow day doing nothing, with homework at the back of my mind, or going shopping, sightseeing, traveling, and hanging out with friends in the WARMTH of spring/summer?!  I’d pick the latter, thank you very much!

2) Welcome back to school!  Here is your chemistry midterm!

3) I haven’t had bio for three classes.  In bio time, that’s like three weeks!  We were supposed to take two tests and three quizzes within that time period.  And now there’s even more. Rarrgh.  There’s also an “extra credit” field trip on Thursday, and that’s something I’m praying the snow will give me (and everyone else) an excuse not to go to.

4) I won’t be going to school on Friday + Saturday, ‘cause I’ll be in NYC.  HOWEVER.  Friday, if we have school, is precisely the day I have bio.  So I’ll miss a class, except this time, no one else will have missed it!  And I’ll have to make up so much crap next week… awwww shiznit.  >:(

Should I be ecstatic about the snow?  Everyone else seems to be.  Am I thinking too far ahead?  Is my mind too old?  I know I’m putting unnecessary stress on myself, but the stupid, “worry worm” (as my dad calls them) thoughts just won’t go away!

*deep breath*  Okay.  Rant over.  Moving on to the *fun* things I do when stuck at home in a snowstorm!

I joined TasteSpotting and FoodGawker a couple of days ago, and submitted some pictures yesterday.  FoodGawker’s verdict?  Dingdingding! Green light!  To say the least, I was a very happy kid when I noticed.  I didn’t even feel that bad when I realized that TasteSpotting rejected them!  :D

With my culinary trash –> worthy of critics’ cash experience not too long ago, I had a little déjà vu with that today when my idea for clean-out-the-fridge-and-pantry pancakes totally and completely failed.

I still had half a roasted spaghetti squash (my first!) from last week that was sitting in the fridge covered in plastic wrap.  Okay, need to use that up. I scrounged around in my bookmarks to find a suitably scrumptious recipe to use, and the spaghetti squash gratin from Chocolate & Zucchini happened to be the only one.


Clicky clicky.  Read read read… cheese… PANCAKES?  She mentioned that her friend used spaghetti squash to make pancakes.  Pancakes?  Dingdingding! Green light!

So I set out to make some très délicieux pancakes with my little squashie.  But I couldn’t make pancakes with just watery squash, oh no.  The answer to that should have been “bread crumbs.”  Or “tofu.” Or “flour,” maybe?

The answer was year-old canned black beans.


IMG_6540 IMG_6551 IMG_6541 IMG_6543

Scoop, drain, mix, mash; spice, taste, fold, smash.  Ergo—

… Gross-looking stuff, isn’t it?  It tasted good, I promise, especially with the addition of various goodies such as chopped emmental cheese, red miso, white sesame seeds (I need to buy toasted black, but I’m kind of stuck here), and a big scoop of hot gochujang. To balance out the spiciness, I finally stripped my orange blossom honey jar of its plastic wrap and drizzled in the sweet nirvana.

Nirvana, say hello to goop.

And then, as what must happen to all foods tagged “pancake,” it was time to fry the goop into glorious, crispy, fragrant patties of cheesy, spicy deliciousness.

Pan-frying, of course, with the last of my wakame furikake sprinkled on top for good measure.  There’s no way I’m going to clean up a deep-fried kitchen!

Buuut it didn’t work.  You see, without the magical addition of breadstuffs, the goop was much too flimsy to be flipped.  Basically, it went from cold goop –> hot, charred goop.  Fail.

Maybe it’ll work if I spread it out over the pan so the edges can crispify?…

… Uh, I guess not.

At least the goop didn’t stick to my pan…

I began racking the corners of my mind for a way that I could use this goop.  I contemplated using it as a burrito filling or just… *gulp* eating it straight up as goop?  No, no, no.

Gimme my oven… I popped these in there for 15 minutes at 350*F.  I wouldn’t say they came out crispy, but they were definitely firm, and if anything, the pan-frying beforehand really brought out that deep, charred, spicy flavor.  It smelled amazing, too.  Not quite like the heaven that is eau de freshly-baked muffins per se, but my mom and sister were swooning from the aroma.  Needless to say, they were pretty disappointed when I told them it was spicy.  :]

So, this is the result of my supposed-to-be pancake goop turned pattie turned burger pattie…

… Actually, I think I’ll post about that next time.  This post is getting much too long!  :P  I’ll try to get a recipe for this, too.  I think this would’ve worked fabulously had I used rice as my carb base, seeing how good it tasted when I ate two patties smashed into rice today for lunch.  Crispy, pan-fried rice = love love LOVE… = idea for Sophia’s challenge?

Okay, I’m off to fill my brain with fun chemistry stuff!  Hah… fun.  I’d burn the book at the end of the year, but in cases of $$$ vs. rebellion, $$$ wins.  Always.

Question: How do you use up your leftovers? All of my cooking lately has involved using up leftovers from long, long ago.  That’s pretty much the ONLY reason I cook, haha!

Have a wonderful day, everyone!  I wish you warmth and good eats… love you lots and lots more :]

ox ~ c a n d i c e

A desultory post awaits… sorry for the sporadic-ness :(

After all the wonderful things that happened over the winter holiday, I fell into an inevitable pothole. Figuratively, I mean!  You know how I was going ga-ga over my new blender in this post?  Well, it turns out that my blender broke. After one use, yes, the motor is broken. And the worst part?  I can’t exchange it! It was bought in Canada, and none of the stores in my area carry the model—only downgraded ones.  -_-  I’m going to shoot customer service an email today demanding they send me a new blender inquiring about whether I can mail it back and get another one or something.  >:(  It was eighty [Canadian] dollars!!!  I get warranty for that, right?!  Oh, I wanted to make so many things… like more nut butters and puffin pie crusts and babies…


I didn’t even get to finish making my pumpkin seed butter.  :(  So now all I have left is a bunch of pumpkin seed dust chunks.

… Hurray.

Oh, but I can’t forget about the wonderful jar of roasted pecan butter… great for dipping dried calimyrna figs in.  I snapped a pic this time :]  I also gave it its own recipe page here.


100% heaven.  Happy tastebuds = happy girl.  Works the other way around too.  ;)

Alright, I know it’s pretty ridiculous to get worked up about a blender, and I admit that I’m exaggerating the severity of this for humor’s sake.  I was blessed far beyond my expectations over the holidays, with great company, food, gifts, and no stress, so I’m really not that upset about this.  But alas, being the cheapo and human being that I am, I want my aunt’s money’s worth in the form of a new blender.

Oh, and here’s another reason: I like food and eating and photographing and writing about it. Me want new kitchen appliance.  Now.

Amanda of seek generously awarded me again, this time with an only-for-the-blogger award.  ;)  I love these types of memes—they’re a counter to my intrinsically pessimistic outlook.  Even though my pessimism isn’t really the super “negative” kind, doing things like this is just happy food for the soul :)


1.  Friends. On the weekdays, they’re basically the only people I talk to (besides teachers, which is unavoidable, haha).  I’m so exhausted when I come home from school that I just don’t have the energy to talk.  If I didn’t have friends, I would probably be as good as mute.  And I would probably collapse from the stress that gets let out when we complain together. :)

2.  Photography. Especially now that I have a cool camera, I’ve been taking photos like mad, of everything: nature, landscapes, people, food—if there were pretty architecture where I lived, I’d take photos of that, too.  ;)

3.  Music. A universal language.  There are few things more pleasurable than curling up under the covers with Bose headphones and an iPod, completely immersed in a different world.

4.  Blogging. Even though I’ve only been blogging for about two months, but it’s been making me happy so far!  Venting leaves a more relaxed –> happier individual.  :)

5.  Restaurants. Going out to eat used to make me a nervous wreck.  How many calories are in that?  Which one has the lowest amount of calories?  What if the website lied?  What if the chef added extra oil?! etc. etc.  Now, though, I’m able to appreciate restaurant food as a) tasty, b) an opportunity to try new foods, and c) a “challenge” in some ways.  ;)

6.  Homemade baked goods. If someone bakes me cookies on my birthday, I’m basically ecstatic.  Someone likes me enough to remember my birthday and takes the effort to bake something for me?  From scratch? *_*

7.  Grocery shopping. I also like accessory shopping, but definitely not as much as grocery shopping.  It used to be the other way around—I used to go to a Korean grocery store just for the little accessory shop inside!  Well.  This is a product of DE and reading food blogs, I guess?

8.  Nut butter. Maybe the only food that I super duper loved as a young kid, and still love now.  Mmmm… rich, creamy, nutty goodness, and so many different kinds, too!

9.  Dawn. I love the color of the sky at dawn.  It’s such a deep, beautiful blue color, almost like a darkened azure.  Streetlights are still on at dawn, but they take on a mystical glow.  In short, gorgeous.  :)

10.  Working efficiently. Hahaha, I had to put this!  :P  Working efficiently and being productive definitely makes me feel good.  Makes me feel… errr, not lazy and not useless.  Plus, the faster I get work done, the faster I can do what I want.

And ten bloggers that make me happy (in no particular order):
Amanda (seek)
Stef (More to Life than Lettuce)
Tatianna (Tatianna Lives)
Coco (Balance, Joy and Delicias!)
Allie (Live Laugh Eat)
Sophia (Burp and Slurp~)
Natalie (Counting Down to Life After ED!)
Shelley (Finding Happiness and Health)
Mitri (All in the Oats)
Eliza (nourishing mornings)

I tag thou, if thou hath not been tagged already.  Actually, this is just a general list, haha (sinced I tagged my tagger).  ;)

Ah… but that’s not all!  I have to make up for five days of missed posts, after all.  ;)  The real reason this post is titled “happy food for the soul” is…


Pecan-date cake with cranberry goat cheese cream, the latter of which became practically invisible after its stint in the oven, but you can still taste it!  ;)  This was the first cake that I have ever baked from scratch!  Sure, I’ve made cupcakes from cake mix and (tough) muffins before, but this is the first time that it was 100% me.  Not saying that it was my recipe, of course—I’m not that good!  I adapted this recipe and threw in the cranberry goat cheese cream as a last minute, personal twist.  I had seen it used as filling in these muffins, so I thought, “I have a log of cheese just waiting to be used.  OH!  I KNOW!”  That’s how all great ideas are born, right?  :P  I actually refused to tell my family members the “secret filling” until after they ate it because I was afraid they would gag if they knew what it was.  Yeah, not a very open-minded foodie family I have.  My sister wouldn’t even eat it because she saw me blending the goat cheese… –_-

Oh, and for the flour, guess what I used?…

… If you guessed the pumpkin seed dust from my failed pumpkin seed butter experiment, WHOO HOO for you!  You are awarded a slice of cybercake.  ;)

I’ve put the full adapted recipe on this page if you’re interested.  :)

Yum!  Err, we actually didn’t have any baking powder, so I left that out completely.  o_o  I think it might have been a little less fluffy due to that, but it was still pretty delicious!  Purrrfect with a dollop of whipped cream.  ;)

Okay, I’m off for now.  No restaurant tonight, surprisingly.  I guess it’s time to be productive and happy, so I should start working efficiently now… ;)  Have a wonderful evening, loves!

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Hello, hello!  First off, I’m sorry for being so MIA (on blogging AND commenting).  As I said at the beginning of the week, this is the week.of.horror. so I should have expected this.  :/

Second, I just lost one-half of my English grade in one sitting.  o_o

Okay, I guess I should cut my teacher some slack because this was apparently her first time giving a multiple-choice test.  I was going to wonder why she hadn’t given one out before in her ~30 years of teaching, but then I realized that the horror of her test-writing skills may have something to do with it.  Sorry, but I don’t go through a book and take notes on every name that Satan is referred to as.  I don’t remember the bazillion (Italian!) names of sinners and which level of Hell they’re in and what they did and how Dante reacted to each one of them.  As for the meaning of the story… why would something so entirely subjective be on a test?  Why couldn’t we have just written a paper on a topic like that?

If that alone weren’t bad enough, get this: it was a multiple-answer test.  As in, subjective material with possibly more than one answer to each question.  As in, precisely the correct combinations of bubbles must be filled in to get the points.  You got some right?  Oh well.  That’s a zero for you.

D:  Multiple answers are good for two things: life and food.  For tests?  I say graargh.

:]  Ahoy~ on to happier topics!

Number one: excited for cameracameracamera!

Number two: TWO MORE TESTS UNTIL WINTER BREAK.  I took six this week, so two next week is not bad at all.  Plus, I’m going to try to get all the work that’s due after winter break done this weekend.  Please hold me accountable for that.  I tend to slack off unnecessarily, naturally.  Tips on preventing procrastination?

Number three: I found this in my inbox today :]

Number four: I ate oatmeal for the first time in a (too) long time, and it was deliiiish.

MatéVana banana oatmeal_2
Yup, yup—cheers to more banana love!  I call these MatéVana-banana oats in honor of the delicious MatéVana tea from Teavana that they’re seeped in.  Anyone ever been to a Teavana?  I love that store—it’s a peaceful little chill-out spot for me.  I always snag some free samples whenever I’m at the mall!  ;)

MatéVana banana oatmeal - 032109
+ candied walnuts, chocolate-covered cacao nibs, and dried cranberries. :]

Number five: I hope to be doing some baking this weekend with the chocolate chips and whole wheat pastry flour from my last grocery haul.  My sister needs to *ahem* honor Santa’s request for chocolate-chip cookies and carrots for the reindeer.  ;)  I’m more than happy to help, of course!  I’m thinking a little twist with some spiced-up chocolate-chip cookies…

Number six: I went to the mall and bought gifts for my family and my Secret Santa pal.  Teehee~ I love Secret Santas!

Number seven: I got Windows Live Writer, so hopefully, it’ll make blogging more easy-peasy fun~

And finally… I FINALLY GET TO BLOG + COMMENT AGAIN.  ;_;  Ahhhh… wallowing in work is no fun at all.  Hopefully, the big snowstorm (how many feet?!) will snow us out of the half week and give me an nice long winter vacation.  (Pleasepleasepleaseplease!!!)  Again, sorry for the MIA-ness.  I’m pleading for mountains of snow and forgiveness!

MatéVana banana oatmeal_3

Q1: What’s your most-disliked type of test?
Q2: Your favorite oatmeal combination?
Q3: Favorite holiday baked good? Anything pumpkin is pretty much good for me.  :]

Alright, I’m off to not procrastinate and finish my debate chart and possibly experiment with cookie-baking!  Toodaloo!

I’ve found the little gem of my town. Though I’d love to give their people some marketing advice… like a better website and a menu without the fancy font…

Anyhoo, situated in a remote corner of old town Leesburg is a quaint, wonderful little restaurant called the Eiffel Tower Café.  It was rated 4 stars on Yelp!, so I decided to give it a go, even though it had only been reviewed by five people.  Risky move, but I’m so glad I tried it.  My impressions, in order:

1. What a lame name.

2. Uh, it’s THAT small?!  (It was a small, and I mean teeny-tiny, white building that looks like it was built in the 18th century, which it probably was).

3. … Where’s the entrance?  (I walked up to a door, which was not really a door, and then I saw the menu, and then I went in that direction… and found the door.)

The decor inside was really, really, really cute.  There were framed photos and paintings of France on the walls, along with the most adorable miniature pots and tiny porcelain plates with pictures on them.  :)  “European” was my dad’s comment, though I can’t affirm nor deny that since I’ve never been to Europe.  The two servers were definitely European, though—one spoke French (and was heard conversing in pretty French with an old lady), and one had a British accent!  She had just flown back from London the day before, apparently.  I looove me some British accents <3  It was so cozy and completely empty when we went inside, so it was, predictably, very, very quiet.

I’m sorry I forgot to take a picture of the delicious innards to show you guys.  :/  I was pretty self-conscious about taking pictures—I mean, since no one else was there, I didn’t want to look like a weirdo/tourist taking too many pictures!  :P I’ll be sure to next time, though, so the adorableness can be seen x)

To start, we were served some lovely, fresh, warm French baguette.  Oh my Lord, this was so. good.  Perfectly crunchy crumb, followed immediately by a doughy white interior.  Just plain breadiness.  I love, love, love breads like this.  And get this—when I asked to bag the leftover pieces, they gave me a whole new baguette wrapped in foil!  How nice is that?!

The menu was small, as can be seen by the website, but there were a lot of specials—at least four each for appetizers and entrées.  There was a tilapia dish with parmesan risotto that sounded really good, but I opted for the seafood crêpe (la crêpe du jour), which was filled with sea bass and shrimp:

Nomnomnom. I ate the whole thing.  I don’t know what exactly was in the sauce that was poured on top (cream, probably), but it invoked major drooling.  This was the best crêpe that I’ve ever had.  Granted, I’ve only had one other crêpe before, but this blows that first one out of the water by a long shot.  The sea bass and shrimp were perfectly seasoned and not overly salty (unlike *cough*); fishy in a good way, if that makes sense at all.  The filling would’ve tasted amazing by itself, but being wrapped in a golden, lightly sweet, charred-edge crêpe took the delicious factor to a whole ‘nother level. Oh… and the vegetables were still slightly crunchy, not limp and lifeless! :)

My dad also ordered a special, the pan-seared calimari:

Pan-seared calimari + thin tomato sauce, sauteed spinach, couscous.

And you’d be crazy if you thought I didn’t have at least a bite or five of this.  ;)  (don’t worry, we traded :P)  YUMYUMYUM.  Squid is one of the extremely chewy foods that I really enjoy, and the tomato sauce was light and did not resemble the dreaded marinara sauce in the least.  This was my first time trying couscous, too, and I give it a thumbs-up :)  They’re like cute little spheres of joy!

My dad liked this place, and that’s very rare—he’s tolerant of a lot of different types of food, but rarely does he actually like a restaurant/food, especially Western food!  And the price, at least for lunch, was just right.  Our dishes were $11-$12, and they even had a deal for a $16.95 (or .75?) three-course lunch!  I totally would’ve opted for that, since their appetizers sounded pretty damn tasty (cream of butternut squash soup?  shiitake mushrooms + chicken mousse + truffle oil?!?!), but I wasn’t very hungry and I didn’t want to waste money.  :|  I’ll definitely get that next time, though—that’s like, the equivalent of one entrée at the average restaurant!

This place gets five stars from me, no questions asked.  The service was great (though there were only two of us…) and the people were amiable, the atmosphere was relaxing, the food was excellent—unpretentious and simplistic—and the prices were just right.  I’ll be happy to be a regular patron of this place!  :)

After lunch, I got my hair (bangs especially!) trimmed and re-layered, and then we went to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to get some goodies!  :)  Goodies like goat’s milk yogurt,

Baaaabaaa.  Wait, no.  Mehhhhmehhhhh.

cranberry chèvre (!!!)

satisfied cravings for seasonal produce with a honeycrisp apple + a jewel sweet potato (NON-yellow!  ha!)

indulged a teensy bit more with pecan pralines, which I cannot believe I never had before.  This is my new crack, yo.  What’s yours?

annnd my favorite almond, pumpkin, and sunflower seed butters.  I really want to make my own pumpkin butter, because although TJ’s is good, it’s a little too sweet for me.  I was just a little ecstatic to get my buttahs back—I desperately needed something to top my leftover kabocha!  ;)

After that, things slowly went downhill.  I had to go back to my mom’s house and “entertain” people at the huge, fantabulous party that she and my stepfather were throwing.  Not.  Cool.  First of all, I’m a terrible conversation starter.  Second of all, we were totally unprepared for hosting a bunch of teenagers.  Third, no one was willing to talk.  Can you see where the problem is?  Bad conversation starter?  No one willing to talk?  Haven’t seen in each other since the last Asian party years ago?  UTTER AWKWARDNESS! IN THE WORKS???

I rest my case.

To my relief, I found a DVD for American Gangster hidden away in a cabinet, and we ended up watching that the entire remainder of the time.  I’m terrible, I know, but I must say—it was pretty entertaining.  Actually, I loved it.  :D  We can watch movies in silence, oh yes we can, because watching in silence is not completely AWKWARD! (But don’t tell the Blockbuster people.  The DVD was rented looong ago… and I don’t know why we never returned it o__o)  There’s goes my career as a hostess.  Shattered dreams right there.

What do you do in awkward situations?  How do YOU entertain silent guests?

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Okay readers, I bid you a SUPER AWKWARD! toodaloo :)

Everyone has some sort of outlet when angered, right?  Fight with your parents?  Scream into a pillow.  Fight with your boyfriend?  Also scream into a pillow.  Or cry, perhaps to a friend on the phone.  Stressed?  Go for a walk to relax and recollect yourself.  Squeeze a stress ball.  Or to settle all of the circumstances mentioned, simply punch a wall.  But not too hard, lest you, unlike me, have super-strong arms and will make a hole in the wall (which is not unheard of, actually).

About the post title?  Strange child?  That would be me, because when I’m upset, I study. Now, let me sequester myself in the corner of shame for my nerdiness, because who the hell freaking studies when they’re upset?!  Schoolwork makes normal people more stressed!  D:  Sorrow = academic success?   WTF?!  -__-;

My only defense is the fact that when I’m happy, I want to spend my time frolicking in the wilderness and going shopping (especially GROCERY shopping!) and hanging out with my friends.  I’m so happy, the last thing I want to do is plant my ass into a chair and read my biology textbook.  Or chemistry textbook.  Or history textbook.  Or do math problems while jamming (read: singing) to Asian pop and rhythmically pushing the buttons on my TI-84… oooooh, how very strange indeed.

New favorite snack: egg + goat cheese + sea salt + toasted sesame seeds + salmon furikake.  All microwaved in a cute cup-shaped bowl for 40 seconds… with still-runny yolk, embedded salt crystals, and gooey, tangy, mozzarella-stringy goat cheese.  <3  *drool*  Must remember to take a pic next time.

Aughhh.  I feel like such a lazy bum.

I was supposed to get a lot of homework done today.  Like prepare for my bio test Wednesday, which I’m probably gonna fail now.  Or my math quiz on Thursday.  Or study the damn spelling for all those Aztec words for the history quiz Thursday too.  Or read my English novel.  Or read my history textbook.  Or chem textbook.  Or how about reading bio articles and doing genetics problems?  Hm???


Eiya, I really screwed up.  All I did was “do” a note card for an article and finish (the majority of, not even *all* of it!) my note card for chapter 17.  All those stupid diagrams to draw… grrr.

Must.  Not.  Procrastinate.  ><  It’s so hard to relax on four-day weekends… all I’m thinking about is getting a “good start” to the new quarter by studying my ass off for all the upcoming assessments!  I have trouble living in the moment, seriously.  And I know I screwed up the chem test last Thursday (that’s what happens when I trudge day-by-day through tests, studying for one after I take another…), so that’s not a very “good start.”

I need to extenuate this pressure to be “perfect.”  I know I won’t be able to get all of those 100%’s this quarter, but I’ll still feel immensely disappointed in myself… because it seems like everyone “expects” that of me, and thus, I expect it out of myself.  Like… just… stop, please?

Damn, I feel like a bum… no… a bumpkin. I don’t even know what that means, but it sounds kind of funny.  Yes, it rhymes with pumpkin.  Which brings me to my next topic, because in the hours of wasted time, I roasted the relative of the pumpkin…

… its fellow winter squash, red kuri!

DSCN3096Eat me now.

Delicious-looking, no?  At least, it’s that way for my strange tastes.  Yes, that is butter on the squash.  Yes, that is sunflower seed butter, too (HEAVEN IN A JAR!).  And yes, I put sesame seeds on everything.  I’m a sesame crack addict… so sue me.

(That’s Back to Nature chocolate delight granola in the squash, along with raisins, peanuts, sea salt, and roasted kabocha squash seeds buried beneath it.  And a barbequed chicken wing on the side.  Squash fries in the corner.  Mmmm.)

DSCN3098Sunflower seed butter for dipping, yo.

Verdict on this squash?  Not as good as the esteemed kabocha, for which there is plenty of reason for adoration of.  But it was still pretty tasty, though I much preferred the fries over the squash in… squash form.  I think the only squash I can actually eat like that is kabocha because of its starchy deliciousness.  ;)  I wasn’t even sure how to properly roast this baby, it was so small.  It was about 30 minutes at 350*, squash butt up.  I probably should’ve given the butt an extra 10 minutes or so, but it’s alright… happy belly.


I will follow your lead, red kuri, and get my butt off this chair after I do some work.