It’s CANON that we’re in love.  <3  Too bad I can’t take a beautiful self-portrait (of Mr. Canon, I mean, hehe).  Here’s another pic-heavy post coming your way, although I love that you guys care for the words, too.  :]

When were unshelled sunflower seeds so beautiful?

When Canon took them.  My mom was amazed… looks like she got her money’s worth :]

Christmas dinner was like Thanksgiving dinner without mashed potatoes.  We had turkey, because apparently, my aunt has never had a real turkey before.  O_o  Sounds pretty crazy to me, but I guess they just have Chinese food (for the Canadian Thanksgiving)?


Turkey, salad, corn, and canned cranberry sauce.  Stuffing came later. :]

Let me reiterate how much better this is than my old camera, as seen by their performances in low-light settings (looking at the kabocha pie pics should give you a valid comparison).  Let me reiterate how much I freaking adore this camera.  Let me reiterate how much I freaking adore this camera.

I’m in the process of clearing out my memory card, because the SLR pics take up a LOT more space.  Around 3 MB per photo! Maybe I should ask for an 8GB memory card for my birthday… kidding, of course.  :P  How weird would that be?  “I want a memory card for my birthday, Mom/Dad.”  Then again, this is coming from the girl who asked (and received) for a blender for Christmas.  o__o  A creative solution to this problem would be to change the image size on the camera.

Oh, and those cookies I said I was going to bake?  We ended up not baking them :/  We had just finished watching It’s a Wonderful Life on TV (damn commercial breaks…), and then we opened presents, and then soon enough, it turned out to be 1 AM!  O_O  And we. were. pooped.  Pooped, but happy.  :D  I’ll think up something else to make with those ingredients… somehow…

Oh, and since the raindeer came, it was icky outside today.  :D  I basically stayed inside all day, watching movies, playing video games, and of course, practicing with my new camera :]

And now for a side of funnies…

I’m less inappropriate than my mother thinks, honest.

Yesterday was my first time making a real, traditional snowman—as in, packing together snowballs and rolling them around in the snow, stacking them atop one another and decorating with hats, scarves, carrots, and apples (eyes… they were small apples!).  We went a little un-traditional with the mouth (though I really have no idea what you’re supposed to use) and used a banana for a big smile.  At least, that was the plan. My cousin went in to get the banana and you know what my mom and my aunt (her younger sister) thought it was going to be for?!?!…

… Yes, you’re right.  Three kids building a snowman.  Can anything in life be more innocent?!


Anyway, I hope you all are having a lovely, holly jolly Christmas :]