Glory to the WINTER BREAK that has finally come!!!!!!  Thank you, weather gods!  Thank you, thick blanket of snow that shook them to their senses and made the cancel school for the week!  THANK YOU FOR TWO WEEKS OF (mostly) BLISS.

(Unfortunately, this also pushes my two tests back to after the vacay… but whatever—let’s focus on the good stuff, hm?!)

Anyway, I ended up not jamming to music while shoveling the insane amount of snow that was clogging up our driveway yesterday.  I was afraid that I was going to jam aimlessly and drop my iPod into the foot-deep snow, because I’m just prone to doing stupid things like that.  -_-;  Oh, and after shoveling in solemnity for about two hours, my right arm was as limp as lettuce.  Not. Cool. Thus the solemnity.  Today, the true soreness has kicked in and I am hurtin’. My neck aches.  My arms ache.  My shoulders ache… see?  See how weak I am?  That was the best strength workout I’ve had in my life!  (BTW, push-ups are my mortal enemy.  I do 10 and collapse—maybe not even 10 anymore?!)

My little cousin with his (wealthy) parents will be arriving this afternoon.  I’m not that eager to hang out with him, but apparently, he cried when we left his house two Christmases ago?!  O_o  I’m not quite sure why, but it definitely tugs at my heartstrings a bit…

Oh, and apparently, his voice is starting to change… bahahaha.  Isn’t that phase in little boys hilarious?  ;)

I’m going to try to get all my homework done ASAP, or else it’ll be hanging over my head like a storm cloud the entire holiday.  :/  That would not be fun.

Highlight of today was definitely breakfast—a very festive oatmeal! :]

jeweled cinnamon dark chocolate - 030709
I call this “festive” because of the medley of colorful toppings that remind me of holiday decor.  :]  ‘Course, the brown background represents the Christmas tree, because I just don’t do green oats.  ;)  Dark chocolate-cinnamon oats with dried cranberries, dried ginger, dried blueberries, and sunflower seeds.  My other seed love is definitely sunflower seeds.  So rich-tasting!

jeweled cinnamon dark chocolate_2

Q1: Do you have any… “interesting” family members?
Q2: What’s your least favorite strength workout?
SEMI-GAG: Are you a klutz?

Alright.  I’m off to tackle my other mortal enemy, homework.  >:(  But before I go, I have to mention that I got 9 whole hours of sleep last night.  Ka-ching!~ :D  I don’t think that’s happened in months! Maybe even a year?!  Anyway, I’m brimming with energy even though it’s the late afternoon, when I’m usually half asleep.  Yay!


Hello, hello!  First off, I’m sorry for being so MIA (on blogging AND commenting).  As I said at the beginning of the week, this is the week.of.horror. so I should have expected this.  :/

Second, I just lost one-half of my English grade in one sitting.  o_o

Okay, I guess I should cut my teacher some slack because this was apparently her first time giving a multiple-choice test.  I was going to wonder why she hadn’t given one out before in her ~30 years of teaching, but then I realized that the horror of her test-writing skills may have something to do with it.  Sorry, but I don’t go through a book and take notes on every name that Satan is referred to as.  I don’t remember the bazillion (Italian!) names of sinners and which level of Hell they’re in and what they did and how Dante reacted to each one of them.  As for the meaning of the story… why would something so entirely subjective be on a test?  Why couldn’t we have just written a paper on a topic like that?

If that alone weren’t bad enough, get this: it was a multiple-answer test.  As in, subjective material with possibly more than one answer to each question.  As in, precisely the correct combinations of bubbles must be filled in to get the points.  You got some right?  Oh well.  That’s a zero for you.

D:  Multiple answers are good for two things: life and food.  For tests?  I say graargh.

:]  Ahoy~ on to happier topics!

Number one: excited for cameracameracamera!

Number two: TWO MORE TESTS UNTIL WINTER BREAK.  I took six this week, so two next week is not bad at all.  Plus, I’m going to try to get all the work that’s due after winter break done this weekend.  Please hold me accountable for that.  I tend to slack off unnecessarily, naturally.  Tips on preventing procrastination?

Number three: I found this in my inbox today :]

Number four: I ate oatmeal for the first time in a (too) long time, and it was deliiiish.

MatéVana banana oatmeal_2
Yup, yup—cheers to more banana love!  I call these MatéVana-banana oats in honor of the delicious MatéVana tea from Teavana that they’re seeped in.  Anyone ever been to a Teavana?  I love that store—it’s a peaceful little chill-out spot for me.  I always snag some free samples whenever I’m at the mall!  ;)

MatéVana banana oatmeal - 032109
+ candied walnuts, chocolate-covered cacao nibs, and dried cranberries. :]

Number five: I hope to be doing some baking this weekend with the chocolate chips and whole wheat pastry flour from my last grocery haul.  My sister needs to *ahem* honor Santa’s request for chocolate-chip cookies and carrots for the reindeer.  ;)  I’m more than happy to help, of course!  I’m thinking a little twist with some spiced-up chocolate-chip cookies…

Number six: I went to the mall and bought gifts for my family and my Secret Santa pal.  Teehee~ I love Secret Santas!

Number seven: I got Windows Live Writer, so hopefully, it’ll make blogging more easy-peasy fun~

And finally… I FINALLY GET TO BLOG + COMMENT AGAIN.  ;_;  Ahhhh… wallowing in work is no fun at all.  Hopefully, the big snowstorm (how many feet?!) will snow us out of the half week and give me an nice long winter vacation.  (Pleasepleasepleaseplease!!!)  Again, sorry for the MIA-ness.  I’m pleading for mountains of snow and forgiveness!

MatéVana banana oatmeal_3

Q1: What’s your most-disliked type of test?
Q2: Your favorite oatmeal combination?
Q3: Favorite holiday baked good? Anything pumpkin is pretty much good for me.  :]

Alright, I’m off to not procrastinate and finish my debate chart and possibly experiment with cookie-baking!  Toodaloo!

… I’m like :D :D :D “Par-tay baby!”

… and then I look at my agenda…

D: D: D:

Harharhar.  It mocks me -_-

My eats are pretty random on the weekends.  I basically subsist on sandwiches during the week, but when I’m at home, I typically just snack all day long after breakfast.  Maybe because breakfast is so damn filling, and all I do is sit around all day?  A couple of weeks ago, I had a really beautiful (and tasty) bowl of oatmeal… like autumn –> bowl –> stomach –> brain –> “…”

autumn-spiced sweet potato oats with the colors of fall foliage. :)

This bowl had rolled oats, banana, sweet potato purée, pumpkin purée, lots of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla extract. On top: dried apricots, toasted pecans, marshmallows, dried cranberries, and a GIANT scoop of almond butter.  I especially love how the apricots turned out in the photos; they’re glistening like little gems!  And man was this delicious.  So hearty and warming and filling, and the kitchen smelled amazing after I made it. :)

You want to eat me, oh yes you do…

Brain food!   Now I’m going to exercise [my brain].   Fun fun… Have a fabulous day, everyone~ :)

What’s your favorite cold-weather breakfast?