I’m getting so lost in the daily drone of life that I’m forgetting the reality.

I have a well-to-do family.  I have the opportunity to a fabulous education, which I truly don’t appreciate as much as I should.  I have the freedom to make my own choices.  Where I go in life and who I associate with are my personal choices—my life is not in the hands of other people.  (Except the college acceptance committees, but that’s another story.)  For the most part, as long as I rely on myself and push myself to succeed, I can. I’m lucky that, for the most part, every failure, fault, and burden is my own. There are people with the whole world on their shoulders.  There are people who have to claw and fight their way to a better life.  They are the ones who appreciate every bit of fortune that befalls them, and they are the people that I admire and need to learn from.

If they can succeed, then I have no excuse not to.

Now, if I could just think about that every time I take a look at my agenda or lumber into school.  Hoo boy.

Shifting moods…

I was zonked out today because I got more sleep than usual last night (i.e. 5 hours, woot!).  Hate it when my body does that to me!  If I sleep less than usual, which is practically impossible, I feel tired.  When I sleep more than usual, which is also practically impossible (but for different reasons), I still feel tired.  I was a wandering zombie today.  By an auspicious stroke of luck, I didn’t have to face any major tests today.  o__o

Lunch was a (pic-less) turkey + TJ’s cilantro-jalapeno hummus + cranberry apple butter sandwich with leftover Thanksgiving bird.  Super yummy~ and sometimes, I marvel at how I used to favor white bread > whole wheat.  The soft whole wheat bread from Trader Joe’s is sooo nommy :]

Dinner was at Wegmans yesterday!  Even though I’m not lucky enough to have a Whole Foods in the vicinity, by another stroke of luck, a gorgeous Wegmans opened in November about five minutes away, quite shortly after we moved into the area.  Auspicious indeed, yes?  So, even though I was a total sleep-deprived child today, I’m still thinking optimistically… so uncharacteristic!  ;)

‘Twas an eclectic plate of food from the “Asian Wokery” (urge to shoot the second word there) and the “fresh foods” bar.  From the Wokery came some Panang chicken, steamed veggies, and a samosa, which I doubt was very authentic.  I got a bunch of grain + pasta salads from the salad bar, along with a pile of spinach + feta cheese.  Yummy!  With a HOT drink that made my tummy very happy: Japanese sencha.  (Maybe caffeine gave me a little boost too?)

Oh, and afterward, I bought some pumpkin gelato from the coffee station, but it was rather bland.    Punishment = no pic.  :\

And then I bought chocolate :D  I’ve heard wonderful things about this brand of chocolate, Vosges Haut Chocolat, and was basically drooling over the stuff on their website two nights ago.  Yes, I drool over chocolate in the middle of the night.  :]  Hey, seeing that kind of stuff could transfix any person with even the tiniest appreciation for chocolate!  But I was a little sad seeing all the amazing, exotic chocolate flavors, because I thought that I would only be able to get them if I ordered online, paid shipping, tamed my impatient inner beast, blah blah blah… not my cup of tea.

But all is not what it seems, and the mirage of products of food heaven on my computer screen came to life… in Wegmans.


YESYESYES!!! By another magical auspicious stroke of luck, I found that very brand of haut chocolat sitting on the candy shelves of Wegmans!  Granted, not all of the flavors were there, but still!  Holy moly I was one happy kid, which is both a good thing and a terribly bad thing, considering what made me happy was a food product.  Choosing which flavor of chocolate to buy was pretty tough though, I must say.  In the end, I eenie-meenie-minie-moe’d between Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar and the Goji Bar.  As you can see, the latter won… at least for today.  :]

Tibetan goji berries
pink Himalayan salt
deep milk chocolate
45% cacao

Music to my ears.

I also bought a special brownie, appropriately called The Brownie:

Cutest company name ever.

I’ve always been curious about how these “____-free” baked goods taste, so it was a totally essential purchase…

Kidding, of course.  But it’s extraneous purchases like these that remind me of how lucky I truly am.  I am able to luxuriate in what I want without sacrificing the things I need.  In no way am I boasting about this… but sometimes, I just need a kick in the head to remind me of how freaking blessed I am.  Thank you.

… and now I realize how much this post sounds like a Thanksgiving post.  Oh well.  Happy belated Thanksgiving (again)?

Do you feel sort of guilty when you make extraneous purchases?