yes, i just took the effort to hit the caps lock key.

roasted almond cinnamon gelato = heavenly.

roasted almond cinnamon gelato

i paid for one scoop.  they gave me about three.  :D

though i’m a bit surprised that whole foods would list the ingredients even though they’re not what’d you expect out of “wholesome” food.  but i don’t really care if it has corn syrup or diglycerides or whatever in it.

it’s freaking delicious.

almond, not amaretto, flavored.  flecked with heaps of slivers of toasted almonds.  nutty with a gazillion t’s.  spiced up with a hint of cinnamon… fall flavor at its best.  a flavor that i couldn’t recreate with oatmeal by dumping almond extract in.  i’d have to chop many an almond.  or listen to the sound of almonds crunching as they are lacerated by the blades in my merciless blender.  or i could just buy almond meal, but that’s beside the point.  face it–oatmeal, despite its delicious, ain’t no gelato.

they need a sesame flavor.  now.  my father repeats my request… never thought i’d hear him yearn for gelato.  thank you, mikaku-sushi taro, for changing his perception of frozen milk-based desserts forever.  :D

next up: pineapple-basil sorbet, ginger and pumpkin pie gelatos.  maybe the brownie explosion afterwards, if I feel boring.  bahaha.

this must become a ritual.