Errr, no.  Not my hair, guys.

So the weatherman was right for once, I guess, because we had a gazillion truckloads of snow dumped on us yesterday.  Hoooo boy.  I don’t think we’ve had this much snow in this area since 2003.  Yup—it was so awesome that I even remember the year!  We had a week off from school, and it rocked~ :D  I’m kind of hoping that the snow will stay until Christmas, so I’ll finally be able to have a white Christmas?!  I’ve never had a true white Christmas—either the snow melts during the day or I travel north and getting my dose of little white flakes there.  Stay, snow, stay.   

Warring flakes!

The perfect snack for a day in the blistering cold of the house should be cookies with hot chocolate.  Well, turns out, I was about two marks away from having the perfect snack.  First of all, I don’t exactly want to melt a bunch of Lindt truffles or a goji chocolate bar to drink, and second, I don’t have any candy canes to stir with.  Does anyone else drink hot chocolate with a candy cane and/or peppermint extract?  I think it gives a very refreshing touch to a drink that would otherwise be too rich and cloying. 

Oh, and the lack of cookies?  I solved it… with an EGG!  :D  Which, of course, I would have otherwise never paired with hot chocolate.  o__o  Instead, I had it alongside some hot water.  Mmmm.  I think drinking hot water is an Asian thing?  Waiters/waitresses always look at me or my mom weirdly when we ask for it at restaurants.  I mean, who wants to pay for a teabag?!  :P

Mmmm.  That was some microwaved goodness right there.  Gooey cranberry chèvre with furikake (mostly bonito flakes) and black sesame seeds is an impeccable combination—tangy, sweet, savory, and roasty.  It’s the easiest favorite snack ever (now tied with toast!).

Let me explicate on cookies… I didn’t exactly bake them yesterday.  OK, well, I used my oven, but I ended up under-roasting chestnuts and majorly over-roasting  pecans.  :(  I guess I should think about using the oven timer, hm?  Or just microwaving the pecans like my dad does… Hey, it works!  :]  I would totally say that I am going to really make cookies today, but I don’t know if I have enough buttah.  :/ Cookies just don’t taste like heaven with vegetable oil.

Holy cow, five more days till Christmas!  Cue snow preserver dance, now!!!

To be honest, our tree looks a little lame.  It’s fat and short and stubby—short as in even I can touch the top.  o_o  But you know, I love it all the same!  I mean, there was a period of time where I thought I was a fat stub as well and ruthlessly berated myself for it.  But then… I acquired the magic power of perspective and vanquished the demeaning thoughts from my brain. 

Maybe we’ll just move the tree to a room with lower ceilings so it looks absolutely resplendent.  ;)


Q1: What’re your “perfect foods” for a cold, snow-machine day?  Or just a snow day :P
Q2: What does your Christmas tree look like this year?  Actually, until this year, we used the same plastic Christmas tree year after year!
Q3: Do you ask for hot water at restaurants?  Or water with no ice?

GAG: Shall I jam to music while I shovel snow?

Off to… shovel snow!  :oD with “Our Lips are Sealed” stuck in my head.  And to all the wonderful ladies in recovery: I hope you, too, will regain the power of perspective.  :]